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The 2023 Tambor Cruise Egypt House Music Journey- The Absolute Best Value Music and Travel Experience of the Year


Embark on a transformative voyage through time and sound, where the ancient wonders of Egypt and the pulsating beats of world-class house music converge to create an unparalleled experience – the 2023 Tambor Cruise Egypt House Music and Cultural Immersion Journey. We invite you to delve into a realm where history, culture, and rhythm intertwine, offering you 10 compelling reasons why this journey stands out as the ultimate value experience of the year. 

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What is The Tambor Cruise?

The Tambor Cruise Egypt House Music and Travel Experience is a unique and immersive journey that combines the allure of Egypt's rich history with the beats of world-class house music. It's an adventure that invites you to explore the iconic sites and cultural treasures of Egypt while being serenaded by the rhythmic tunes of renowned house music artists. From ancient temples and historical landmarks to vibrant local communities and modern beats under the stars, this cruise offers a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to dive deep into the heart of Egypt's past and present. 

With expert-guided tours, exclusive access to venues, all-inclusive packages, and a carefully curated itinerary, the Tambor Cruise promises an unforgettable fusion of history, culture, music, and travel, creating memories that will resonate for years to come. It's a journey where the vibrant beats of house music harmonize with the echoes of ancient wonders, leaving you with an experience that's nothing short of extraordinary. 

Here's what's included with EVERY TICKET PURCHASE

the 2023 tambor cruise house music dj lineup - October 22-29, 2023

All-Inclusive Adventure:

With your ticket, you gain access to an all-inclusive journey that covers accommodations, transportation, guided tours, and entrance fees to iconic sites. This comprehensive package ensures you can focus on soaking in the experiences rather than worrying about logistics.

A private-charter cruise ship reserved exclusively for the 2023 Tambor Cruise Egypt House Music and Travel Experience

Unparalleled Cultural Immersion:

This journey is not just a vacation; it's a deep dive into Egypt's rich history and vibrant culture. From exploring ancient temples to engaging with local communities, every moment is designed to connect you with the essence of Egypt. Interact with locals, artisans, and vendors along the way, gaining insights into daily life and traditions. These meaningful interactions foster a deeper appreciation for Egypt's culture and people.

A view of Philae Temple

Expert Guided Tours: 

Highly knowledgeable guides lead you through each destination, sharing insights and stories that breathe life into historical sites. Their expertise enriches your understanding and appreciation of Egypt's captivating past.

Incredible Itinerary: 

Explore a carefully curated itinerary that covers renowned sites like the Philae Temple Complex and the Valley of the Kings, ensuring you experience the best of Egypt's most iconic destinations. Daily themes, and holistic activations that revitalize the soul will ensure you stay uplifted, energized and connected along the way.

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World-Class House Music: 

Elevate your experience with world-renowned house music artists who curate an unforgettable musical journey. Dance under the stars against the backdrop of ancient wonders, combining modern beats with timeless surroundings.

Exclusive Access: 

The Tambor Cruise grants you exclusive access to venues and experiences that might otherwise be challenging to arrange independently. This privileged access ensures you witness the best of Egypt, both ancient and contemporary.

A view of a 5-star hotel in Aswan, Egypt

Varied Accommodations: 

From the luxurious Movenpick Hotel to the elegant Steigenberger Resort, your accommodations are thoughtfully selected to provide comfort, convenience, and a touch of luxury, adding to the overall value of your journey.

Flexibility and Freedom: 

While the cruise offers guided experiences, you also have the freedom to explore at your own pace during designated free times. This balance between structured activities and personal exploration adds to the overall value and enjoyment.

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Lifetime Memories: 

The combination of mesmerizing historical sites, world-class music, cultural immersion, and unique experiences ensures that this journey leaves you with memories that will be cherished for years to come, making it the ultimate value experience of 2023.

Don't miss out on the opportunity to be a part of this extraordinary journey that offers unparalleled value, combining the best of Egypt's past and present in a way that is truly unmatched in 2023

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